Finally, this burning question has been answered: What would Justin Bieber be like as a '80s pop icon?

Canadian producer Tronicbox has thrown Bieber's hit tracks What Do You Mean and Love Yourself into a musical time machine, transporting them back to 1985, according to NME.

Tronicbox's clever reworkings see Bieber's vocals backed by drum machines, synthy piano riffs and sax solos. It's like something straight out of The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles. No offence John Hughes.

Instead of his short blonde hair and tattooed body, Bieber sports a trendy '80s mullet and billowing shirt in the mocked-up cover art of his remade '80s singles.


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Tronicbox has also 80's-fied Ariana Grande's One Last Time, turning it into a tune that could have given Madonna a run for her money.