Kimberly Crossman has been working out her funnybone on the internet.

The Kiwi actress landed herself a major role in the new web-series, Hashtaggers, where she plays a media strategist to the stars. But her tips for the real world of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat aren't what you'd expect.

"I don't know if I'm the right person to speak to," Crossman says bashfully when she speaks to TimeOut.

"I definitely don't have a strategy or anything like that. I try to just be pretty authentic with my social media to be honest and just kind of roll with what's going on in my life."


And her life has been very busy.

Crossman recently returned to New Zealand to film the second season of Funny Girls - a comedy also starring Rose Matafeo and Laura Daniel, which is this year being directed by comedian Madeleine Sami.

She will also be making an appearance in the upcoming reboot of Terry Teo, from the makers of comedy-horror Housebound.

Now in Hashtaggers, a comedy originally created for E!, Crossman plays the passionate but rather unprofessional Nikki Hart, who runs a small company that tries to boost the online profiles of far-from-A-list celebs.

"Hashtaggers is kind of poking fun at the whole industry of social media strategy," Crossman says.

"Especially with the idea that [our clients] are kind of fallen-from-grace celebrities and we're the affordable social media agency - so we're not good at our jobs either.

"It's incredibly self-aware, we're making fun of stuff that does exist, and I think that's why it's funny."

Some of the show's guest stars include Snookie (Jersey Shore), Ian Ziering (90210), Heidi Montag (The Hills), comedian Kevin Smith and Star Trek legend William Shatner.

Crossman was even put forward for a potential Emmy nomination for her role on Hashtaggers, and although she won't find out until July if she is through, she's definitely still going to be celebrating.

"As of next month I would have been in the industry for a decade now, since I was first cast on Shortland Street, so I think any time you're in the mix of incredibly talented people of course it's an amazing feeling." Crossman said about her Emmy bid.

"I'm really proud of the work I did on [Hashtaggers]. I've been working predominantly in comedy for the past couple years. I've been in class every day and working on that muscle and that's cool to be at that point where that's recognised on a global scale - that's a huge achievement, I'm very excited. I mean hey, wouldn't it be cool to go to the Emmys? I'm not at all feeling bad about that. But yeah, we'll see."

So with her growing fame, does Crossman now have someone running her online accounts?

"I personally don't. I'm not quite that cool yet - and I think you can kind of tell too."

Hashtaggers starts on TVNZ On Demand from July 1