Sister Kylie and Kendall Jenner have shared a pair of sweet throwback pictures of Caitlyn Jenner to mark Father's Day in the US.

The two baby pictures depict Caitlyn during their early childhood, back before she came out as a transgender woman last year.

happy father's day to this incredible soul

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Although it is generally considered improper to share pictures of a transgender person before their transition, Caitlyn Jenner herself has been open about maintaining a connection to her pre-transition life as a father and husband to Kris Jenner.



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In a video she posted to Instagram herself to celebrate Father's Day, Jenner pointed out the diversity of families, hers included.

"Happy Father's Day to you! There are so many different families out there. We have trans families, we have gay families, we have straight families ... what I want you to do today: just go find a dad and just give him a big hug."

Caitlyn captioned her video with the hashtag #happymaddysday - "Maddy" being the portmanteau of Mum and Dad by which her daughters now call her.

Happy Father's Day to all! #happymaddysday

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