It seems Kanye West might be working with a rapper who approached him on the street and rapped for him on the spot.

Cameron Grey approached Kanye after a Big Sean show and freestyled for him, before begging the rapper to "give me a chance".

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TMZ caught the interaction on video, in which Kanye asks if Grey is happy to start out as an assistant, saying "you've got to start somewhere".

Now, TMZ reports Grey is in the studio with Kanye's team - including legendary producer Anthony Kilhoffer - and they've completed an album called Cocaine Ferrari.


Kilhoffer has worked on every Kanye West project ever made, as well as working with other artists on the G.O.O.D Music roster.

G.O.O.D stands for "getting out our dreams", so maybe Kanye did give Grey that shot after all.

Two days ago, Cameron Grey took to Soundcloud to share some of his new material. You can hear one of the tracks below.

*Warning: This song contains offensive language.