Taylor Swift knows her split from Calvin Harris was "for the best".

The Shake It Off singer is coming to terms with her separation from the Feel So Close hitmaker and is "keeping busy" by writing music and hanging out with her friends.

A source told E! News: "Taylor is not sad anymore about the breakup. She knows it was for the best. They are not on bad terms. They have communicated since the breakup, but getting back together is something that's not in the cards for either of them.

"Taylor is hanging out with her friends and keeping busy. She wants to be single for a while and have a relaxing summer. She has some plans to travel this summer. Taylor has also been writing new music."

Recording artist Calvin Harris broke up with Grammy winner Taylor Swift. Photo / Getty Images
Recording artist Calvin Harris broke up with Grammy winner Taylor Swift. Photo / Getty Images

Meanwhile, it was previously claimed that the 32-year-old DJ had ended things with Taylor, 26, because he found it difficult to navigate her "regimented" life.

An insider said at the time: "Taylor is an empire in her own right and, as such, her life is very controlled. At the end of the day, Calvin is still a smalltown boy from Dumfries and I think he struggled with living in such regimented conditions where his every move was speculated on.

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"There were a few times when Taylor wanted Calvin's support and he bailed but she would dismiss her doubts and tell herself it was because he was always so career-focused. Then, after his crash, she dropped everything to be with him and was ready to prove her commitment.

"Sadly, the closer she tried to get to Calvin, the more she felt he pushed away. Despite having been together for 15 months, they'd both been crazy busy during that time and spent long periods apart. Once it was just them together without any distractions, the cracks showed and Calvin told friends he felt suffocated in their relationship. At first it seemed his accident would bring them closer, but it ended up tearing them apart."

- Bang! Showbiz