Playstation has confirmed a swag bag of new games coming to its console, including zombies, superheroes, AI cops and new Resident Evil and SpiderMan games.

At its E3 presentation today, Playstation revealed gameplay footage from the long rumoured God of War 4 game, the post apocalyptic survival game Days Gone, and Horizon Zero Dawn, which combines future-tech in a Far Cry-style world.

A new game from famed game creator Hideo Kojima was also confirmed, with Death Stranding starring The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus.

In Days Gone, you play a "drifter, bounty hunter and mercenary" in a world overrun by zombies that in look and feel isn't too dissimilar to The Walking Dead.

More scenes were revealed from the long-delayed game The Last Guardian, but fans cheered when a release date of October 25 was announced.


New footage from the previously revealed Detroit: Become Human was confirmed, a multiple choice police procedural featuring AI in which every decision players make matters.

A SpiderMan game for the webslinging superhero was also confirmed.

But the biggest cheers were for Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, which harked back to the game's roots with creepy houses, scary VHS tapes and old school horror thrills. It's release date is January 24, and a playable demo was being unveiled at E3.

It will also be available on Playstation's VR unit, which is released in the US on October 13.