Ellen DeGeneres and Portia di Rossi don't regret not having children.

The 58-year-old talk show host - who married the 43-year-old actress in 2008 after four years together - admitted they previously discussed the possibility of raising a family but realised they preferred their lives the way they were.

She said: "We talked about it for a minute, about four years into the relationship, but we just decided we like our conversations not being interrupted and our furniture without sticky grape juice on it."


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And Ellen doesn't think it is always fair to raise children in the spotlight.


Speaking to Australia's Sunday Style magazine, she said: "Also, I think in this profession it can be really tough for children. It's hard for them to have to share their parents with the world."

The former Ellen star admits it can be tough enough when she's out with her nieces as the girls find it frustrating having to share her with other people.

She said: "When we're out in public and people want to talk to me they're like, 'Why does everybody want your time? Why aren't you just with me?'"

Though the couple don't want children, they dote on their pet dogs and love watching them together.

Ellen said: "We just got a new puppy and we're so in love.

"He jumps on the bed as soon as we wake up, and there's some playtime with our other dog, Augie.

"This morning we just lay in bed, had coffee and laughed because they are so adorable, the way they play."

The Finding Dory star is smitten with her wife, and describes the actress as her "everything".

She gushed: "Portia is my best friend and my soulmate and everything you see on a Hallmark card that makes you gag.

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"She's my everything. She makes me happy, she makes me laugh.

"There's nobody I'd rather be around than her, and she feels the same about me. It's all you could ever dream of."

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