What's considered trashy if you're poor, but classy if you're rich?

1. Drinking during the day.

2. Multiple cars in front of your house.

3. Having more than two children (and giving them distinctive names).

4. Women wearing revealing clothes (skank or Bravo reality TV star?).


5. Hunting - pig on your back or the fox hunt?

6. Not voting because you know it won't change anything or because the system is corrupt.

7. Unvaccinated children.

8. Not paying your taxes.

9. Op-shopping for stuff you need as opposed to looking for "vintage".

10. Combat sports.

11. Uniforms.

12. Shopping as a major leisure activity.

13. Karaoke.

14. Stay-at-home mothering.

15. Slow cooking.

18. Keeping kids out of school for family events.

19. Taking your dog everywhere.

20. Never having any cash on you.

21. Speaking te reo Maori.

Cashing in on inflation

When Zimbabwe's central bank gave up on controlling inflation, its largest currency was the $100 trillion bill. It was barely enough for bus fare in Harare and not even worth the paper needed to print it. However, that $100 trillion note has turned out to be a great investment for several astute traders in London and New Zealand, who bought thousands of them at pennies on the trillion and now report brisk sales to collectors on eBay at US$30-$40 a note - a six-year return on investment, according to a report in London's The Guardian, of nearly 1500 per cent.

For silly sausages only

Sausage Legend is a smartphone game which involves holding a finger on the screen to build up power, then releasing to smack your opponent's sausage, trying to knock it off its fork. You start as a hotdog and have to battle other sausages to add other meat products to your arsenal. There is the strategic element -- choosing a battle sausage is important, because longer sausages like bratwursts and hot dogs offer important reach but can lack strength. Taking the real-life fun of a brotherly barbecue challenge and turning it into a snigger-worthy diversion for the bus.

Picture this: Bacon roses instead of flower ones...

Diversion: Play the Higher Lower Game, where you guess which thing is googled more...

Picture this: Where's Warhol? Clever riff on the Where's Wally Phenomenon for cool people. You can buy it here...

Video: Incredible cover of Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Waters...

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