The makers of Home and Away have defended one of the soap's stars against claims her fellow cast-mates "can't stand her".

Responding to claims made by unnamed sources in Woman's Day, producers at Australian network Channel Seven dismissed allegations of disharmony on set.

The network told the Sydney Daily Telegraph the claims about actor Pia Miller, who plays police officer Katarina Chapman on the show, "are completely untrue".

"Her recent Logie nomination underlines her popularity with the audience and her character Kat is resonating with viewers," they added.

The Telegraph reported that Miller was seen embracing her colleagues during filming on Monday, including Kiwi actor George Mason, as well as the program's director, Danny Raco.


Woman's Day quoted several unidentified sources who claimed she wasn't liked on set.

"People don't like Pia," a source told the magazine.

They added that Miller has a tendency to indulge in her own stunning model looks and "throws it in their faces any chance she gets".

The insider claimed: "She has one of the smallest acting portfolios on the show, but carries on like she's a five-time Oscar winner."

Miller reportedly also flaunts paparazzi photographs of herself in bikinis to the show cast and crew members, brandishing them on her mobile phone.

There's no doubt the television star enjoys taking flattering selfies which pepper her Instagram account.

- Daily Mail