It’s NZ Music Month and the Herald has partnered with NZ On Screen to bring you a music video of a classic New Zealand song every day of the month. Today’s flashback was the beginning of the road to Australasian pop stardom for singer Jenny Morris.

Today's Music Month Flashback is Tears by the Crocodiles, from 1980.

1970s Wellington band Spats had demonstrated they could write a catchy song with New Wave Goodbye.

But it took the addition of singer Jenny Morris, a name change to the Crocodiles and an exceptional song called Tears for the public to really sit up and take notice.

In the (slightly cheesy) music video, drummer Bruno Lawrence hangs around next to a shady lamp post while Morris passes by, and the band's early 80s bubblegum coloured costumes positively shine against an all white set.


After reaching number 17 on the NZ singles charts, Tears won the APRA Silver Scroll songwriting award for 1980.