Witchcraft, love potions and world domination - welcome to the world of Stephie Key's alter ego Cherry Lazar.

John Key's daughter this week graduates from the exclusive Paris College of Art and the Herald on Sunday understands the Prime Minister will make a flying visit to be at her graduation on Thursday.

His office yesterday would not comment as it was a private matter.

Key is no stranger to making headlines for her at-times racy art. She has been photographed naked but with strategically placed flowers and items of food, including sushi and Big Macs.


And in the lead-up to her graduation, Key, 22, said she had no intention of stopping pushing the boundaries, revealing in an article on the college's website that for her senior project, "Cherry Lazar has decided to start a company".

"She has been delving into witchcraft at the moment and she has been into love potions.

"I've been doing print ads and a video commercial.

"I've actually made the love potions, the love products, and I'm going to be running a love magic class at the gallery."

Key said she had evolved "immensely" as an artist during her time in Paris.

"Also, on a technical level, I have improved a bajillion times. I have more confidence in my own work to show other people."

13 May, 2016 10:05am
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She has been juggling art with completing a liberal studies theatre course and features in a show with other students called "Love me Tinder".

Post-graduation, she says, she wants "world domination".

"I want to push Cherry Lazar into a global icon of doll, makeup and perfume.

"I'm also interested in working in film, so I would like to explore some of that."

Meanwhile, brother Max, yesterday started shooting what has been described as a "racy" music video for his second single.

His first 90s house and electronic pop single Forget You - rumoured to be about his ex-girlfriend Amelia Finlayson - was released on iTunes in February.

The song was first played during Key's DJ slot on George FM and made the No 1 slot on Spotify a week later.

Key wouldn't comment about his second single or the music video when contacted, but it is understood it is due for release next month.

Key is also about to grace the cover of New Zealand fashion and culture magazine Remix again.

The Prime Minister's son first appeared in the magazine a year ago in a modelling shoot and yesterday a shot of him tanned and well-groomed and preparing for another photo session appeared on social media.