Housemarque THE Finnish studio behind Resogun and Dead Nation, have landed their best hit to date.

Alienation is a gorgeous isometric twin-stick shooter with elements of Diablo which is engaging, addictive, and great fun. The multiplayer experience is a dream.

Choose the level you want, and squads currently playing will immediately show up. You can pick your squad and difficulty level, and drop in instantly.

It's incredibly smooth and instant, a triumph for an indie developer given even AAA titles like Street Fighter V involve a lot of time staring at loading screens. The action is fast-paced, and there's no pause menu.


Once you're in, it's guns blazing until you reach the chopper.

Occasionally a message will pop up on the screen warning of approaching hordes, leading to the game's best moments as a seemingly endless swarm of maniacal aliens charge directly at you and your team.

Having a shotgun out and leading the swarm into a bottleneck can rack up some epic scenes of colourful neon gore.

Like Diablo, killing enemies can result in weapon drops and loot crates are rewarded every mission.

Alienation is a gem which has come almost out of nowhere and it's a wicked bargain at only $32.




Playstation 4




A streamlined shooter with addictive staying power