-WEEK 1:

Fleur makes a good first impression on Jordan, after her nerves upon their introduction cause her to speak to him in her native dutch tongue, which he says is "definitely attractive". In the first episode, she is already sure of her feelings for the bachelor, saying: "He could be my future husband I think, absolutely, who knows?"

As well as being one of more than half the girls invited on a group date of swimming and volleyball, Fleur and Jordan also have their first single date and Fleur is given a rose.

-WEEK 4: On a trip to Hawaii, the two share a romantic dinner date, during which Fleur tells Jordan about a giraffe dung spitting competition she had taken part in. Fleur is given the week's first rose, at the rim of a volcano.


-WEEK 5: Still in Hawaii, Jordan and Fleur spend time alone during a cocktail party, and have their first kiss. Jordan also tells Fleur that what they have is something he will remember for the rest of his life.

-WEEK 7: While visiting Australia Zoo, Fleur's phobia of birds is revealed and Jordan attempts to help conquer her fear. When asked by Jordan, Fleur also reveals she would like four children.

-WEEK 8:

A turbulent week for Fleur in the Bay of Islands, which begins with doubts growing in Fleur's mind after seeing Jordan and Naz together. This leads to an awkward date between the two, before their "connection" is rekindled at the cocktail party. In the second episode, Fleur is the only contestant to not go on a date with Jordan and it becomes too much after tension rise between her and Naz. Jordan is able to console Fleur, before giving her the first rose at the ceremony.

-WEEK 9: The week of the home visits - Jordan is treated with a trip to Hawke's Bay where the pair visit Te Mata Peak and Wright & Co cafe in Havelock North, before Jordan is introduced to Fleur's family at her sister's Napier home.

-WEEK 10: Fleur spends time alone with Jordan in his home region of Canterbury, beginning with a date in Akaroa swimming with dolphins, before the pair cook dinner together at Annandale Homestead on the Banks Peninsula. The two stay at the homestead overnight and Fleur becomes one of the final two contestants at the rose ceremony.

-FINALE: Fleur wins her man.