Siena Yates counts down Hilary Barry's best live TV moments as the TV3 broadcaster enters her final weeks with the network.

If you don't love Hilary Barry, it's because you haven't been paying attention.

Aside from being a top journalist and presenter, the reason Barry is so well loved is because she's so relatable.

Most of us grew up with the anchors on the evening news being a bit dry and stale, but Barry introduced an element of light-hearted fun.

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She would burst out laughing, go off script and add her own quips, and that time she broke down crying about John Campbell proved that this was far more than just a job for her.

So now that the so-called "aunty of the nation" has left her post at TV3, let's count down Queen B's top moments.

The moment that changed everything: tears for JC.

The news of John Campbell leaving TV3 hit the nation hard, and it hit his colleagues and friends even harder.

Once Amanda Gillies wrapped an emotional reel of John Campbell's top moments on air, the cameras cut to Barry who simply couldn't take it.

She passed the baton on to her co-host Mike McRoberts and tried to keep her voice from breaking as she lost composure.

It was a real, human moment, and one which broke the hearts of viewers.

One snort to rule them all

By now, Barry is famed for cracking up on screen - sometimes for no apparent reason.

It's another thing which makes her so likeable, because rather than keeping straight-faced and serious all the time, it turns out she's just like us.

The Paul Henry effect

The snort was just the beginning

While the defecation situation blooper does the rounds on the internet, let's not forget the time Barry laughed her way through an entire news segment for reasons largely unknown.

Unless you count the fact that Paul Henry was there egging her on (and we do).

Barry vs Pippa

Even when she thinks a story is stupid, Barry still presents it but she doesn't bother trying to pretend it's her idea of quality journalism.

When Barry got landed talking about the dress Pippa Middleton wore to the royal wedding, she read the script despite her colleagues shouting "get over it" in the background.

Towards the end, she talks about how Pippa never thought the dress would make the scene it did, but Barry adds a sly "I'll bet she did" before it cuts to the story package.

She also comes back afterwards to mock one of the questions asked, saying, "Only a man would ask that".

Hard at twerk

The clip pretty much speaks for itself.

Queen B, Hotline Bling - what more could you want?