For the past two months, Jordan Mauger has been seeking love on The Bachelor NZ as 23 bachelorettes vie for his heart in the reality TV dating show.

As the climax to series two of the show nears - with just five women remaining - the real leading lady in Mauger's life is due to make an appearance on camera when the final two contenders are introduced to his much-loved mum, Linda.

Talking to Spy ahead of the family meet-and-greets, Linda said she was immensely pleased by how her son handled himself on camera - and how he treated the would-be partners with respect throughout.

"I've really enjoyed the show because I haven't seen a lot of Jordan over the past seven months. He has been away overseas and had work commitments," Linda said.


"So it was great to see him genuinely trying to find love in my living room twice a week.

"I felt very proud of his maturity, his caring nature and how he handled difficult situations.

I did see snippets of the last season and thought Art [Green] was a fantastic guy.

"I was nervous for Jordan and how he might be compared, but I think Jordan has added something unique with his sense of adventure and quick wit.

"I am happy to see how he treated the girls, especially how considerate he has been with their feelings. He has a very sensitive side. I know he will have feelings for all the top five and letting them go will come with a lot of sadness for him."

When asked what qualities she wanted in a partner for her son, Linda replied: "They need to be caring, loving, supportive of each other in good times and bad. She also needs to be his best friend and companion to enjoy life together.

"The advice I gave him at the beginning was to pick a well-grounded woman with a fun-loving personality."

Linda was also straight-up on the traits she didn't want to see: "Someone only interested in themselves and also not wanting to engage with family."

It's not just the bachelorettes preparing for some family time in the next couple of weeks.

The top three contenders will also introduce their parents to Mauger, who told Spy: "I will answer their questions confidently and honestly and be a good listener and share with them the reasons I truly adore the respective bachelorette. Maybe also start the drinks early."