Meet the outrageous New Zealand beauty who made headlines in Australia for her boozy antics and candid sex confessions on a hit TV dating show.

Loaan Smith stars in the international realty smash First Dates which debuts here tonight after pulling in huge audiences across the ditch on Channel 7.

The 29-year-old brunette shocked Aussie viewers when she knocked back tequila shots during a blind date at a restaurant with heavily tattooed "party boy" Joel Martin and admitted she "had sex with a lot of people on the first date".

But Smith, originally from Napier insisted she couldn't care less what Kiwi viewers will think of her drunken performance.


"I am not a good drinker and I was pretty hammered pretty quickly during the date," she told the Herald on Sunday. "What the cameras didn't show was I had to stop halfway through to throw up."

"All the other girls on the show were really boring so I just decided to have a laugh. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is like in New Zealand but I'm not bothered what anyone says about me."

Smith moved to Sydney two years ago and works as an office receptionist.

On First Dates she is matched with Martin, 26, from New South Wales, who sports numerous tattoos which include a stick figure drawing of two people simulating a sex act and another with the words "f*** the police."

The episode Smith appears in will be screened in New Zealand next month.

In it she talks about having sex with more than 40 men and at the end of the date she is carried out of the restaurant by Martin.

"I just want someone who is like a best friend and we only have sex with each other," she tells him, before adding how she doesn't want kids and that children are "evil" and that "no babies are going to be breeding in this belly".

"I got a lot of abuse on social media afterwards," Smith said. "Some of the stuff that was said about me was really nasty but I don't care because Joel and I got on very well."

Another Kiwi contestant, Corbin Bristol, 27, appears in tonight's opening episode.

He had a nightmare evening after getting matched with a woman who tried to pin him down to a five-year relationship plan within minutes of meeting.

Bristol moved from Wellington to Melbourne in 2012 where he works as a digital marketing and sales consultant.

"She seemed very nervous and it was all too much, too soon," he said. "I kept my cool but let's just say I didn't ask her on a repeat date."

A New Zealand version of First Dates is currently in production but makers are still on the lookout for male Kiwi contestants over 18.

First Dates Australia starts tonight (Monday, May 25) at 9pm on TV2.