Brit rockers Iron Maiden have paid tribute to our Rugby World Cup-winning All Blacks ahead of their New Zealand tour.

The heavy metal band have released an All Blacks tribute T-shirt, in a nod to the team's World Cup victory last year, Fairfax Media reported.

The T-shirt features the band's mummy-like mascot, Eddie the Head, wearing black rugby gear and with a ball under his arm as he powers towards the goalline.

Tackled players behind him represent sides defeated by the All Blacks in their march to glory, Fairfax reported.


Band manager Rod Smallwood said he was a huge rugby fan and was in the stands to see the All Blacks lift the cup in 2011 and last year.

"So the idea for the shirt for this tour is based on admiration and respect for an incredible sporting organisation."

It's not the first time the rockers have honoured the men in black. A shirt released in 2011 depicted Eddie wearing an All Black kit, carrying a sheep and running towards Pine Tree Farm in a tribute to All Black great Colin Meads, Mr Smallwood said.

"[It] went down so well with the rugby fraternity there ... that [then ABs assistant] coach Wayne Smith, a mate for many years and big Maiden fan along with some other current ABs, asked to use this art on some special tees he was going to use as prizes for the players for outstanding defensive performances in each game of last year's World Cup."

Iron Maiden play Horncastle Arena in Christchurch on Friday and Vector Arena in Auckland next Sunday.