1. Angela Barnes

Come As You Are, May 3-7 at The Classic

Down-to-earth, straight-talking, probing, original, she's your everywoman British comedian and the winner of the BBC New Comedy Award in 2011. She is coming to New Zealand for the first time with a show about self-image.

2. Daniel Sloss

Dark, April 23-30 at Q Theatre Loft

Comedian Daniel Sloss. Photo / Getty Images
Comedian Daniel Sloss. Photo / Getty Images

The 25-year-old Scotsman can make jokes about cancer, Jesus, gay penguins, and a whole host of other oddities, which has made him a favourite of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and a variety of television talk shows. Plus he can make a face that looks exactly like Beaker from The Muppet Show.


3. Cohen Holloway & Sophia Johnson

50 Minutes Plus Laughs, May 3-8 at The Montecristo

Cohen Holloway has been lighting up local screens for years in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Eagle vs Shark, What We Do In The Shadows, Find Me A Maori Bride, Auckland Daze, and does an incredible impression of John Campbell. Now we get to see his live comedy chops as he joins fellow thespian Sophia Johnson for a mysterious-sounding dramatic performance.

4. George Egg

Anarchist Cook, May 3-14, Herald Theatre

The tagline here is "One man, one hour, three courses". Except he's not going to make you a meal by normal means. He's going to show you how to save money on room service by making dinner in your average hotel room. Mix in some stand-up comedy and a subversive, anarchic attitude towards appliances, and he's piqued our curiosity.

5. Ismo Leikola

Observing the Obvious, May 9-14 at The Classic

Comedian Ismo Leikola. Photo / Supplied
Comedian Ismo Leikola. Photo / Supplied

There's something about this Finnish comedian's very relaxed, nonchalant delivery that is so refreshing. There's no shouting, no crazy facial expressions, no extravagant body language; just simple observations delivered by the man who was named the Funniest Comedian in the World by the Laugh Factory in 2014.