The Girl on the Train

, based on the best-selling book by Paula Hawkins, has finally released its gripping first trailer.

The book-to-screen adaptation features Emily Blunt as Rachel, an alcoholic divorcee who reimagines the life of a couple while taking the train to work every day. But things quickly start to go wrong when a woman mysteriously disappears and Rachel is brought into question.

In the trailer, Blunt appears teary and worn-out. Director Tate Taylor, who directed 2011's The Help, told Entertainment Weekly last year that "you can't avoid the puns with this movie - she's a train wreck".


Blunt is also joined on the cast by Justin Theroux, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Luke Evans, and Edgar Ramirez.

The Girl on the Train

is Hawkins' debut novel, her mystery thriller topping the list for Amazon's best-selling book in 2015.

The film adaptation will hit theatres later this year.