A serious conversation and concerns about introducing Jordan Mauger to her parents saw Storm shipped home from the Bay of Islands in the latest episode of The Bachelor NZ.

Storm revealed she wasn't comfortable with the idea of "home visits", which would see Mauger head to her hometown to meet close friends and family.

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Mauger responded that he thought they were an essential part of the process and integral to his decision-making.


Moments later, Storm was sent packing.

The move comes just the day after Ceri was eliminated, when she avoided a conversation about children with Mauger after just two dates.

With just five girls left in the competition, Mauger appears to be zoning in on long-term compatibility.

Earlier in the episode, Mauger took Naz on a single date and gave her a rose, which she later hid from her fellow contestants.

Meanwhile, a group kayaking date saw Kate caught short, as she had to jump in the water for a quick toilet break.

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