Samuel L. Jackson got into an argument with a fan on Twitter after he refused to pose for a photograph.

A radio DJ named The Fitz took to Twitter over the weekend to complain that he had bumped into the Pulp Fiction star, but he turned down his request for a picture, and the fan wrote, "That moment when you meet one of your favorite actors & they are a COMPLETE D**K!!!!!!!!!

"Samuel responded with his version of events, tweeting, "I refused the photo politely @FollowFITZ then you spazzed out! Learn to say Please & F**k you! Thanks for the Whitney Snitch!"

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When The Fitz disputed that he hadn't lost his cool and was just being a fan, Samuel replied once more, writing, "I said thanks but no @FollowFITZ, you said Aww C'mon, I'm a big fan, me, sorry, you, I watch all your movies but not anymore!...

Now @FollowFitz, do you see Please anywhere in that exchange? You saw it your way, I see it mine. Stop whining, it's over."

On Sunday, The Fitz posted a video to Facebook explaining their meeting and subsequent online debate, but insisted he is still a fan."I just had a big letdown of my life. There was no altercation. There was no situation," he said in the clip.

BREAKING- FITZ vs Samuel L. Jackson I explain. LIVE

Posted by FITZ on Sunday, 17 April 2016

"I just went on Twitter and I told Samuel L. Jackson, hey I couldn't believe how you treated one of your fans... If you're going to be told 'F you' on Twitter by anybody, it's awesome if it's done by Samuel L. Jackson.

"Samuel then made it clear he had no hard feelings and was ready to move on, by tweeting, "You're right @FollowFITZ, I watched... There's a lot of folks that share your experience w/ (with) me & tons of others just the opposite! Still a Fan."