The Bachelor delivered its most tense rose ceremony to date, with Naz and Rebecca left in the final two before Jordan Mauger handed out the final rose to Naz.

Rest home attendant and actress Rebecca Trelease was sent home after Mauger learned of her studies - specifically in the field of reality television.

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Last month, the Herald revealed that Trelease had written a thesis called "The evolution of romance in reality television" as part of her masters degree at Auckland University of Technology.


Trelease also has a background in acting, having starred in several major New Zealand productions.

Alarm bells sounded for Mauger when he took Trelease aside at the cocktail party to find out more about her study.

"I'm studying reality television," she revealed.

Mauger instantly looked wary and later said the comment "made my ears prick up".

"Are you studying me? Are you studying the other girls?"

Rebecca was quick to deny any ulterior motive for her involvement in the show, saying: "I watch movies and see romantic moments and want to experience that for myself."

But it appears, Mauger wasn't convinced and he chose to send her home.

Earlier in the episode, Naz was singled out on a group date, which happened to fall on her birthday.


After telling Jordan she had "a major crush on you", the Bach rewarded her honesty with a passionate birthday kiss.

But it was Gabs that scored the single date of the episode, her first in the competition. Her wait was rewarded with both a rose and a pash in a hot tub.

The news came as a blow to Ceri, who revealed "I don't want to sit around and keep waiting for dates that aren't coming."

Speaking to Naz, she said she was taking it as a sign Mauger wasn't interested and questioned whether she would accept a rose at the next ceremony.

There are now seven girls left in the competition.