'Fortunate coincidences' coming thick and fast

"I was a partner in a restaurant in central London and we were getting a quote on having it refurbished," writes Graeme. "I was also working part-time as a taxi driver in a black cab, to help us get on our feet. I picked up a fare one day and he gave our restaurant as his destination. Something he said made me I realise he was the tradesman we were getting a quote from. Having received a quote for the job already, I pushed my luck and told my passenger that I had already driven two gentlemen there that same morning and had heard them discussing the refurbishment and told him the price I had overheard. The price I gave him was half the one that we had already received. I later on found out his price came in just below that. We duly accepted his quote."

Subtitles add touch of comedy

"Did anyone else watch Chinese Takeaway on Sunday night, a subtitled Argentinian comedy on Maori TV?" asks Brian Boyle. "As the movie went on it became apparent that the subtitles just quietly gave up on any grasp of the English language, and it was as if someone had mumbled into Google translate on their phones. Roughly phonetic groups of letters replaced most words, the subtitles became funnier than the actual script. Well done Maori TV on simply not bothering to check out the quality of your product and in doing so making it better."

"I know you have shared pics of skinned and plastic-wrapped produce before, but this is the first time I've seen it in NZ. Let's hope it's not a trend," writes Melissa.

Huh? Spotted in one of the toilets at the Cornwall Park District School. Photo / Supplied
Huh? Spotted in one of the toilets at the Cornwall Park District School. Photo / Supplied



If the population of the world was only 100 people, what would society look like? If the

, what would society look like?

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