TVNZ Breakfast host Alison Pugh, currently on maternity leave, says she is enjoying being away from the internet and social media trolling aimed at local TV personalities.

Speaking to Woman's Day, the 29-year-old mum said it had been "really refreshing" to have a break from the scrutiny that comes from being on TV.

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"The trolling on the internet and social media at the moment is insane. I try and avoid it anyway, but you still know it's there and you know in the back of your mind that people will be saying nasty things about you."

Bachelorette's Chrystal Chenery and Dani Robinson read out the mean comments written about them on social media.

Pugh told Woman's Day that it was "disgusting" what gets said and that she was glad TV personalities like Teuila Blakely and the girls from The Bachelor New Zealand had spoken out about it recently.

Kiwi actress Teuila Blakely says she feels like "New Zealand's most vilified woman" after she became the target, yet again, of internet trolls and online bullies.

The presenter still has a few months left until she returns to morning television, after she delayed her return to work in favour of spending more time with her five-month-old daughter Thea and her fiancé Jo Barus, 40.

Pregnant One News presenter Jenny-May Clarkson was the target of such trolling earlier this year when a letter appeared in TV Guide saying she wasn't in a fit state to be on camera.

The man who wrote the letter, Lower Hutt resident John Rook, later apologised for describing pregnant Clarkson as "embarrassing and an eyesore".