Star Wars: The Force Awakens

has been given the Honest Trailer treatment.

Let's face it, there were a lot of things many movie fans wanted to say about the Star Wars sequel but were too afraid to say them at the time of the blockbuster's release in December.

But now editors at Screen Junkies, a YouTube channel dedicated to movie reviews, have created one of their Honest Trailers that calls director JJ Abrams out on a few things in the six-minute clip.


Their main argument, said with tongues firmly in their cheeks, is that the film has basically copied the plot of the very first Star Wars film (the third in sequence, if you count the prequels) Star Wars: A New Hope.

"The Force has awakened and its first order is to revitalise the franchise while setting the stage for an amazing expansion of the Star Wars universe," the first voiceover artist says before he's interrupted by the "original" honest voiceover who pipes in: "by shamelessly remaking a New Hope".

"Gear up for a film so desperate to recapture the magic of the first Star Wars, it practically is the first Star Wars," the voiceover adds.

The honest guy doesn't hold any punches, saying lead character Rey is "so good at everything it makes her character completely uncompelling" and that bad guy Kylo Ren "acts like a goth kid who can't find his eyeliner".

Star Wars: The Force Awakens does raise a few unanswered questions in the film: "Why does R2D2 suddenly wake up? Why is everyone in the galaxy either a Skywalker or Solo?" the honest voiceover asks.

But according to the makers of the Honest Trailer, audiences shouldn't have expected any answers from director JJ Abrams.

"Why would we expect the guy who made Lost to have good answers to any of these questions".

They also have the guts to point out the fact that the amazing Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth in Game Of Thrones, was shamelessly under-utilised during her brief stint on screen as Captain Phasma.

"Captain Phasma ... an awesome looking Stormtrooper commander who's completely wasted in just 91 seconds of screen time," he says.

Other films to get the Honest Trailer treatment from Screen Junkies include The Revenant, The Hunger Games and Spectre.