A new video of Taylor Swift taking on a treadmill will make you wince.

The Bad Blood hit-maker tweeted a new Apple Music ad that she appears in and insists is based on a true story.

In the video, Swift is getting ready for a workout on her treadmill. Picking out some tunes to jog to from the Apple Music playlist called #GYMFLOW, Swift chooses the song Jumpman by rap stars Drake and Future.

Swift starts stretching and running, rapping every lyric of song from Drake and Future's mixtape, What a Time To Be Alive. Getting pumped on the track the singer really gets into some dancing while running on the treadmill. Then, painfully, Swift loses her footing and face-plants into the machine and ends up in a heap on the ground, still singing the song word for word.



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Last year Swift agreed to stream her music and most recent album, 1989 exclusively with Apple music, after her feud with the company forced them to agree to her public demands of paying artists during Apple Music's free trial period.

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