Terrifying toilets


When I was a kid my gran still had an outdoors loo. It was made of corrugated iron and next to the coal bunker, and when you were using it her neighbour Mrs Northsworthy would occasionally come out and bang a steel pan on the side. We never worked out whether she strongly objected to the concept of bodily functions or just liked to sow terror.

2. A glass-enclosed toilet in Japan was recently named the world's largest because it's in the middle of a 56sq m garden. Architect Sou Fujimoto aimed to design a toilet for users "to enjoy this scenery and that feeling of release".

3. My friend is Australian and during a conversation about the Diversity and Prevalence of Wildlife in Australian Suburban Settings, he told us a story about how he was at a hotel once and he had to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. He sat down because he was tired and soon felt a very cold, very small, slightly moist ... hand, every so gently touch his bum. He got up and and saw that what he experienced was a frog's way of telling him "woah there buddy, occupied". (Via Metafilter)


Transcending transgender

Transgender is an umbrella term for all genders that go beyond society's ideas of the norm, but here are some recognised gender identities that aren't male or female.

1. Genderfuzz. Means having multiple genders that are fuzzy and blurred together.

2. Hijra. In south Asian countries including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the Hijra are people assigned male at birth who have a feminine gender expression. This is a very ancient tradition. Today, Hijra are legally recognised as a gender other than female or male.

3. Nocturnalgender. Any gender that feels more intense during the night, "but weak/nonexistent when it is light out". Also known as batgender, owlgender, moongender. Counterpart: flowergender.
(Via kottke.org)

"Towaway sign at my local Asian supermarket in New Lynn, West Auckland," writes Jeremy Jesudhass. Photo / Supplied

How far does influence reach?

The Rev Jack Russell (1795-1883) had an image of how he wanted to breed terriers with particular stance, skills and appearance. In 1819, he saw a milkman with a terrier called Trump - later described as a dog he beforehand "had only seen in his dreams". He bought the female and Trump became the breeding basis for all the Jack Russell terriers since.

Walking bus takes on new meaning

A Tennessee woman is facing child neglect charges after police found her driving ahead of her daughters while making them walk to school, AP reports. Lisa Marie Palmer said her daughters were being punished for missing the bus. It was estimated the girls had already walked about 2.5km and still had 3km to go.


A veterinarian has performed an unusual surgery to

suffering a brain tumour...

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