Fellow contestants better have a few tricks up their sleeves if they want to compete with what's undoubtedly the strangest entry in the 2016 Eurovision competition.

The entry for Belarus, a singer by the name of IVAN, plans to perform his song - the rocky ballad Help You Fly - completely nude.

Oh - and he wants to be surrounded by live wolves too.

As reported by Russian news website LifeNews.ru, the singer has been rehearsing the song starkers with a pair of live wolves - one of whom seems seconds from giving him a nasty bite before he quickly snatches his hand away.


There is one problem about IVAN's plans to forgo a costume and bring wild animals on stage: it might just contravene several of Eurovision's strict performance rules.

The competition's rules strictly forbid the use of live animals in a performance and, while they make no mention of onstage nudity, we can't imagine IVAN will get a free pass.

Still, he and his team are confident they'll be able to perform Help You Fly as intended.

"We haven't received any answer from the organisers yet," the singer's producer Viktor Drobish told LifeNews.ru, as SBS reports. "But yes, Sasha will be naked on stage and there will be wolves."

Check out a clothed, wolf-free performance of the song below:

- News.com.au