Patriotic Kiwis are fighting to get their favourite landmarks and historic moments made into Lego, including Captain James Cook and his ship Endeavour.

A number of New Zealand-inspired Lego ideas have been submitted to the children's toy company website over the past year.

They include a speedway car, milk tanker, moa, Captain James Cook and the HMS Endeavour.

And if one of the proposals gets enough support, the company will turn it into a real product.


All designs for new lego sets are submitted to the "Ideas" section of Lego's website, where users can vote for the ones that they like.

One Kiwi created a set to represent James Cook and the HMS Endeavour, made up of 2395 pieces.

The idea, submitted by a creator called Andreas on April 20 last year has 403 supporters.

Car fans have also submitted two product ideas in the past year.

American David Wilborn, created and submitted the Dr Platypus set earlier this month, featuring our very own kiwi bird as a main character.

The moa project only received 118 votes in 365 days and didn't meet the required amount of support to be commissioned.

If any design receives more than 10,000 votes it will be reviewed by set designers and potentially transformed into an official Lego toy.

The designer of any set made into a product is promised 1 per cent of total net sales, and five complimentary copies of their product.

The Lego Wall-E and Doctor Who sets were created from successful Lego Ideas projects.

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Five things we want to see in Lego

• The All Blacks lifting the Webb Ellis Cup

• John Key and a Buzzy Bee

• Auckland skyline

• The car from Goodbye Pork Pie

• Life-sized Richie McCaw