Fourteen years after My Big Fat Greek Wedding was released and surprisingly went on to become the biggest grossing romantic comedy of all time (allowing for inflation), Nia Vardalos and most of the cast from the original film return to stage another big, fat Greek wedding.

Screenwriter and star Vardalos sticks to the winning formula that worked so well first time, re-introducing her colourful and eccentric Chicago based Greek family, and a decade later not much has changed.

Toula (Vardalos) is still married to non-Greek vegetarian Ian (Corbett), back working at her family's diner Dancing Zorbas, and dreams of being a travel agent again.

At her parents beck and call, Gus and Maria (Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan), she still has time to smother teenage daughter Paris (Elena Kampouris), who's throwing the family into a spin by announcing she'd like to escape them all and attend university somewhere other than Chicago.


The set-piece wedding this time around is between Toula's parents, after it's discovered the priest didn't sign their marriage certificate 50 years earlier, which provides the fuel for the extended family of brothers and cousins, and the fabulous over-sharing Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin), to interfere in each others' lives.

Much is familiar, from the return of the makeovers (there are at least three), to the gentle mocking of the Greek language, and the celebration of a close and loving family who are there for each other, whether it's wanted or not.

What is different from the original film is how well it all comes together; the comedy struggles to flow, and at times is just plain awkward.

Die-hard fans won't be able to resist Vardalos and Corbett's lovely on screen chemistry and just enough heartfelt moments to reconnect with the first film's love story. But the more casual fan won't mind not getting an invite

Verdict: Lacks the charm and humour of the original

Cast: Nia Vardalos, John Corbett

Director: Kirk Jones

Running Time: 94 mins

Rating: PG (Sexual references)