Am I some kind of jinx?

In 2009 Oasis were in the last throes of a world tour. Noel Gallagher was using his tour blog to predict dark times for the band.

If it was going to be their last tour, I wanted to be at their last gig. I booked tickets for the closing date, a one-day festival in Milan.

In the last week of August I left Auckland for a six-day round-the-world trip via my parents' place on the outskirts of Manchester.

The day I flew from the UK to Milan, I woke to the news Noel had quit the band in Paris the night before, after another fight with brother Liam. It subsequently emerged the bust-up involved the latter throwing a plum.

Noel put out a statement apologising to anyone who'd bought tickets for the final three dates on the tour. I sulked and waited for the Visa bill.

Now, his sold-out Auckland show tonight has been cancelled after some of the gear failed to turn up from South America. I must have done some terrible things to get this kind of karma payback.

Fortunately, I've got tickets for Saturday's show in Sydney. But what woe awaits in 48 hours? Natural disaster? A plague of frogs? If it helps, karma-meisters, I'm sorry to everyone for everything I've ever done wrong. Please let this one go ahead. I've bought all his records and everything.

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Here's some advice: If you're a Noel fan planning to see him live, it might be worth checking whether I'm going to that show before you book.

In the meantime, Noel - I'm now free for a beer later if you want to talk Man City.