Bruce Springsteen gave a nine-year-old fan a late note for school after he attended his concert.

The 66-year-old rocker penned the letter for Xabi Glovsky who stayed up to watch the star's three-and-a-half hour show in Los Angeles and explained to teachers the kid had "been out very late rocking and rolling".

The boy's father Scott took to social media site Twitter to share the comic note carefully scribed on white paper and which included the Born To Run hitmaker's familiar signature at the bottom.

It read: "Xabi has been out very late rocking + rolling. Please excuse him if he is tardy."


Alongside a picture of the letter, he shared: "Bruce Springsteen signed Xabi's tardy note for school tomorrow. He is as genuine and gracious as you think he is!"

Xabi's dad was delighted his idol had taken the time to create the "beautiful" letter and praised the star on his penmanship.

He told fan site Backstreets: "Bruce sat down on a couch and started to talk with Xabi, asking for the name of his teacher and how Xabi spelled his name, pulling out a piece of paper and a pen.

"As Xabi sat next to him on the couch, Bruce thoughtfully and artistically created this beautiful note. It was very interesting to watch the artist at work. They talked for a few minutes, and Bruce was incredibly nice, caring and generous."

- BANG! Showbiz