It's an understatement to say TV One's Breakfast weatherman Sam Wallace missed Toni Street when she left him and the show for the bright lights of Seven Sharp.

Now they will be reunited on the airwaves, pairing up as Saturday morning co-hosts on The Hits radio station. And they can't wait to work together again.

"Sam is one of the most positive and hardworking people I've ever worked with," Street told Spy. "He puts in a heap of work behind the scenes that people might not realise. I can't wait to have fun with him again.

"Despite not working on the same television show these days, Sam always manages to work his way into my life, so I'm already getting enough of him.


"I've really missed all the diet advice though, the harassment and his inappropriate jokes. I expect there will be much more of that now we're on radio together."

Seems the feeling is mutual.

"Toni is one of my most favourite people and she is so easy to work with," Wallace said. "She's an awesome person to have on your team. She's always happy and she's always making the people around her stronger. Until you cross her. Trust me, never cross Toni Street. My nickname for her is 'Killer'. But I couldn't choose a better team-mate for an opportunity like this and I didn't have to, because she chose me."

The pair have spent a bit of time together lately bonding and are just back from a weekend in Blenheim. "We had a few wines and stayed up to 2am gossiping like old ladies."

Street is fast becoming one of the hardest-working women in broadcasting. But the uber-popular Seven Sharp host and mum of two girls, 3-year-old Juliette and 1-year-old Mackenzie, is not fazed with juggling motherhood, six days of broadcasting
and dealing with the diagnosis of the auto-immune disorder, Churg-Strauss syndrome.

"I'm really looking forward to easing people into their weekend with a smile."

Street and Wallace met working on Saturday Breakfast, a surprise hit which gave the pair and fellow host Rawdon Christie their big break at TVNZ.

So does Christie have a fear of missing out on the reunion?

Street: "Rawdon will be fast asleep."

Wallace: "I think Rawdy will be pleased to have some peace and quiet and a Saturday morning with his family. But I was thinking about asking him to audition for a slot in the field and crossing to him every half an hour with impossible questions."

Their Hits show begins April 2, 8am-10am.