Reports that Kiwi singer-songwriter Chris Knox is set to remarry have been denied by those close to him.

It was reported by Fairfax today that Knox, who still suffers from the effects of a severe stroke in 2009, will wed poet Raewyn Alexander.

She is Knox's primary caregiver and has penned a story for an upcoming edition of Metro magazine outlining how Knox proposed to her, Fairfax reported.

But today, Knox's friend and some-time caregiver Ian Dalziel said the pair were planning to marry but the engagement was now off.


Knox, 63, was married to Barbara Ward and had two children with her over their 30 years together.

But the pair reportedly ended their relationship in 2011, with Ward involved with Labour MP David Parker.

Fairfax reported Alexander saying in her magazine article: "People asked questions, like, 'why get married at all?' Well, Chris wanted me as a his primary caregiver and I'd decided in the years before we grew so close that I wanted to find out what commitment truly meant."

Knox's recording career stretches back to late 70s punk era bands The Enemy and Toy Love, as well as a long association with independent music label Flying Nun as a solo artist and a member of duo the Tall Dwarfs.

Knox's best known songs include the hit Not Given Lightly.