Auckland retail manager Shaki Wasasala had no qualms about returning the kiss of her "everything", Madonna.

The 21-year-old was handpicked from the audience to join Madonna on stage during the songstress's first-ever New Zealand performance at Auckland's Vector Arena last night.

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After performing a sex act on a banana, Madonna leaned in to kiss the self-described "mega-fan".


That time Madonna pashed a Kiwi fan... #rebelhearttour #madonna

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"I couldn't believe it," Miss Wasasala told the Herald. "I never even imagined I would go to a Madonna concert...

"Apparently I'm the only one she's kissed on the tour. I didn't even think twice when she leaned it.

"I'm obsessed... If she said to jump off a bridge, I'd jump off a bridge."

Miss Wasasala believed her dance moves attracted the attention of Madonna's "people".

"I went to the concert with a friend but she was in a different section. Everyone around me was sitting down but I was standing up dancing the whole time.

"One of Madonna's people came and tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I'd go on stage.

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"They said I'd have to dance. I was like: 'no problem'."

Miss Wasasala was on stage for Unapologetic B**ch which she said was "so relevant" to her life.

"People think I'm a young idiot and that I don't even get Madonna but that's not true.

"I was obsessed with Michael Jackson and always liked Madonna. When I was around 13, I realised she was a queen; that she transcends time and age.

"She's my everything. I still can't believe it."

Miss Wasasala even attracted some fans of her own, with several concertgoers requesting selfies when she left the stage.

"My friends; my family; everyone is so stoked for me. I'm trying to hustle a ticket to go again tonight."

Madonna is performing at Vector again tonight as part of her Rebel Heart Tour in support of her 13th studio album Rebel Heart.

It's the songstress's 10th worldwide concert tour.