Yes, Madonna is playing at Vector Arena this weekend in what is her first appearance in New Zealand, ever. To celebrate this momentous occasion, here is Her Madjesty by the numbers ...

5 Her number of New Zealand number one singles over the years, They were Into The Groove (1985), Like a Prayer (1989), Vogue (1990), Music (2000) and Don't Tell Me (2001). She holds the record (53) for entries into the New Zealand top 40 single charts.

23 The number of songs she's been playing each night on the Rebel Heart tour, though sometimes that's been dropping to 21. Or lower if local censors don't approve of some of her naughtier songs, as happened in Singapore last week. Eight or sometimes nine songs in the set are usually from last year's Rebel Heart album. Second highest represenstation comes from 1984's Like a Virgin.

8 How many costumes Madonna goes through in one night. She will have gone through at least 200 pairs of fishnet stockings by the time the tour ends.


81 How many dates she's playing on the tour, which ends in Sydney on March 20.

88 million How much in American dollars her Rebel Heart tour grossed by the end of 2015. That was before 12 January dates in the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico and a further 13 in Asia before this weekend's two nights in Auckland, followed by six shows in Australia.

452 The Average price of Rebel Heart tour tickets in American dollars making it, according to Forbes, the pricest tour of 2015.

180 The number of people travelling with the tour which includes 20 dancers, and 60 in the costume department. And one Madonna.