An Australian journalist accused of harassing the grandmother of actress Rebel Wilson, has called the Hollywood star's claims "abhorrent" and "not true".

Elizabeth Wilson, better known as Lizzie, says she did contact Rebel's grandmother Betty for an interview and says the elderly lady was one of the nicest people.

She said the interview was for an international publication and not an Australian news outlet.

"I am fiercely rejecting the allegations that have been made against me regarding the harassment of Rebel Wilson's grandmother," Lizzie told online media site MammaMia.


"I have never ever harassed anybody, let alone an elderly grandma who is one of the nicest people I've ever spoken to.

"These claims are so abhorrent and frankly not true. Her only true claim is I did speak to her grandma."

Wilson went on a Twitter tirade over the weekend, naming and shaming, and erroneously posting a photo, of another journalist named Elizabeth Wilson.

The photo of the wrong Elizabeth Wilson carried the caption "total scum".

After some convincing and legal correspondence, Wilson apologised to Elizabeth Wilson before posting a photo of Lizzie.

Wilson claimed Lizzie harassed and verbally abused her 86-year-old grandmother, "leaving her scared".

"Hey guys, clarification to earlier tweet. Here is the picture of the Elizabeth Wilson who is total scum," the star tweeted on Sunday.

"Unfortunately there are two Elizabeth Wilson's who have worked for ACP Magazines in Oz (now known as Bauer Media Group), my apologies X.

"Her actions are so disgraceful and upsetting and she should be shamed for this conduct. Authorities have been contacted."

Rebel's actions were looked down upon by many of her online followers.

"Rebel. your grandma did not deserve that. But I promise this does not in any way fix it," Emily Rose said.

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"Defending yourself is different from harassing someone on the Internet," she added.

"It's the wrong person & completely unfair. Ur grandmother wasn't harassed by this Liz," Katlyn Macdonald posted.

"Tweeting a pic of the culprit is just as bad as harassing someone. Two wrongs don't make a right," another said.