Kanye West has teased his next album will be called Turbo Grafx 16.

The 'All Day' rapper only released 'The Life of Pablo' in recent weeks but has already taken to Twitter and joked his next musical offering will be named after a computer games console from the 1980s that he loved as a child.

He wrote: "My next album is titled Turbo Grafx 16 as of now...."

However, the star seemed to back track when he swiftly added: "just on some super nerd vibes... one of my favourite gaming systems when I was a kid..."


The 38-year-old singer also revealed his next record will be released later this summer.

'Life Of Pablo' had a string of names including 'Waves', 'Swish' and 'So Help Me God' before the self-professed greatest artist in the world settled on one.

It has only been made available on streaming service Tidal and hasn't yet received an official chart position because they have yet to release official figures of its performance.

And the 'All Day' rapper caused a Twitter frenzy when he said he would give anyone who guessed the title correctly a pair of Yeezy sneakers and a ticket to his Season 3 fashion show, which took place in New York earlier this month.

Young fan Dante Holley, 20, worked out the name would be 'The Life of Pablo' and said he would run across America in the highly sought-after footwear to raise money for a worthy cause.

- BANG! Showbiz