TV presenter Susan Wood plans to return to television just a year after a spending a week on life support following a nasty accident.

Wood, who has no memory of the month she spent in hospital following the accident in which she fell down some stairs in January, 2015, tells Woman's Day she plans to return to host current affairs show Q&A.

"I'm normal," she tells WD in a story that includes interviews with her sons Matt and Alex. "Well, as normal as I ever was."

Wood, who has also being working as an MC, also says she recently travelled to San Francisco for work on the anniversary of her accident.


"It was fantastic - I didn't give the accident a second thought. It really is time to move on now."

Wood wasn't expected to survive the accident. Surgeons removed a large piece of her skull to reduce swelling, and she spent six weeks learning to walk and talk in rehab.

She tells WD she felt guilty for putting her sons through the ordeal.

"I wish they hadn't had to go through it, but having them home has been so good because it's proved that things are back to normal. I'm still their mum. Nothing has changed."