Unless you were one of the lucky few who managed to score tickets to Prince next week, like us, you'll be holding on to the slim glimmer of hope that he might play an afterparty somewhere - he is renowned for them after all.

He was involved in some fabled after parties for other people last year, performing at Saturday Night Live's 40th birthday after-party along with Taylor Swift and Haim, and serenading Madonna at his own Minnesota mansion after her show there in October last year.

He also played a top secret show to around 80 people at Melbourne's Bennett's Lane jazz venue after his 2012 show, and, most hopefully, he tweeted the following to his Australian fans five days ago - "Only talks Prince is in: where 2 have the afterparty in Melbourne on the 17th? Thoughts?"

So, if the magical purple one was going to play an afterparty in Auckland, where would it be?


Seeing as he won't have his band with him, and seeing this tour is all about playing the piano, we thought we'd come up with a list of possible central Auckland locations where ivories might be available for tickling ...

Shanghai Lil's in Ponsonby

Suitably small, chintzy, and 80s-inspired, it has red velvet curtains, fancy lamps, and of course a baby grand piano. There would probably only be room for 50 people to squash in, but it seems that's how Prince likes to roll.

Freida Margolis in Grey Lynn

Another tiny spot, this is slightly more down home, and the piano less fancy, but it's in tune, and the bar is becoming known locally as a top spot for great live music in an intimate environment.

The St James Theatre

Perhaps Prince would like to play somewhere slightly larger, in which case the St James would be a great choice, with its delightful white baby grand on the stage, all set up and ready to go.

1885 Basement

It's a great, dark, night-owl type spot, with plenty of mystery and charm, plus they hold the Creative Jazz Club sessions in there every Wednesday evening, so there would even be some other musicians around for him to jam with.

The Wine Cellar

If Prince was looking for somewhere to hang out with local musicians and music lovers in a truly underground, secret space, the Wine Cellar would be the spot. And though they don't have a grand piano, the wee house upright would certainly do the job.

Roundhead Studios

Sure it's not a public venue, but Neil Finn's beautiful studio has some of the best pianos in Auckland inside, plus it's nice and central, and it wouldn't be the first time a secret concert has been held there.

If all else fails, there are some perfectly lovely pianos in the lobbies of a few different central Auckland hotels - the Langham, Stamford Plaza, Pullman, and Rendezvouz might oblige. Make a nice change from the guy who usually plays Lady in Red there every night.