Shane Warne's daughter has deleted a post on Instagram after she was shamed for posting photo mocking the Holocaust, the two Malaysia Airlines disasters and the controversial death of Cecil the Lion.

The teenager came under fire on social media for apparently making light of the serious situations.

Brooke Warne, 18, was targeted by angry social media followers after sharing a snap with her 10,000 followers showing her and friends at a fancy dress party covered in what appeared to be fake blood.

She captioned the post "Politically incorrect - yes", and hashtagged Cecil, Malaysia Airlines and Holocaust.


The post from Saturday night was met with shock and disbelief and a tinge of anger.

"Only privileged white kids have the ability to distance themselves and mock tragic events that don't affect them," one Instagram user commented. "Rich kid arrogance at its worse."

One of Brooke's friends in the image wore striped pyjamas, a refrence to the millions of people killed in the holocaust.

"If you've ever visited the Holocaust museum in Washington DC you wouldn't be prancing around in a pair of striped pyjamas," one user wrote with another adding: "Very disgusting and disturbing."

One of Brooke's friends tagged in the picture fired back at critics, writing: "Don't hate the playa hate the game baby," before tagging the critics on Instagram.

Brooke is the eldest daughter of three children shared by former cricketer Warne and his ex-wife Simone Callahan.