Actress Elizabeth Hurley suggests her career may have taken a more serious turn had she not worn the famous Versace safety-pin dress that captured the world's attention.

Hurley became an overnight sensation when she appeared alongside her then boyfriend Hugh Grant wearing the infamous black evening gown for the premiere of Four Weddings and A Funeral in 1994.

The plunging Versace dress was held together by oversized gold safety pins, leaving little the imagination.

But the actress, who since appeared in a number of Hollywood films including Austin Powers, has suggested her career may have been different if she dressed more demurely for the event.


"One of my favourite concepts in life is that of sliding doors," she told The Mail on Sunday's You magazine.

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"It is interesting to think about the better or worse outcomes had you not had that particular moment."From an acting point of view, who knows? I guess it could have been different.

"Perhaps I could have joined the National Theatre and become a much more worthy actress."

Hurley is currently starring as Queen Helena in the US drama The Royals.