Embattled internet mogul Kim Dotcom has released a bizarre new music video marking the fourth anniversary of the police raid on his former Coatesville Compound.

Showing him riding a jet-ski and sitting on a mountain top in a rocking chair as The Good Life exalts a billionaire lifestyle, filled with visual imagery associated with the trappings of wealth including shots of superyachts, expensive cars, low-flying helicopters, speed boats and scantily-clad women.

It's set to a driving house music beat with the constantly repeated lyrics "let me introduce you to the good life".

Mr Dotcom's former grand mansion in Coatesville, north of Auckland, features in much of the video.


He has since shifted from the expansive compound and now lives in a penthouse on Auckland's Viaduct.

It also includes one of the world's largest superyachts, Alfa Nero, showing Dotcom fully clothed swimming in the infinity pool and hosting late night dance parties.

On its release Mr Dotcom tweeted it was the story of his life.

"A fat kid and school dropout from a poor family made his dreams come true. You can do it too," tweeted Mr Dotcom.

He also tweeted it was "copyright neutral and using legitimate cloud storage innovations".

Kim Dotcom is currently appealing last month's court decision to extradited him to the US to face copyright charges.

Today Mr Dotcom tweeted about the day police stormed the mansion.

"4 years ago today my family was terrorized with a paramilitary raid incl. 2 choppers, 70 cops, machine guns, dogs... in a copyright case!"