David Bowie will be seen in the first episode of Sir Mick Jagger and Michael Scorsese's new TV series Vinyl.

The cultural icon, who died last week from liver cancer, has a brief cameo in the new television drama which is set in the music industry in 1970s New York and which sees "fictional characters" appear alongside stars of the era.

Jagger - who is executive producer of the project while Scorsese is director - shared: "We did have a lot of chats about would this work? We knew that we wanted to have real people like David Bowie and Led Zeppelin alongside fictional characters ... it was a really interesting thing to discuss, how to make the concept work."

The series - which airs in February on SoHo in New Zealand - is set in New York and revolves around American record executive Richie - played by Bobby Cannavale - and his staff and industry insiders, stars and music wannabes in their day-to-day lives.


It remains unclear what storyline Bowie was involved in, however the first episode also sees Led Zepplin's Robert Plant depicted by a young actor, and fictional character Devon Finnestra - played by Olivia Wilde - trying to persuade him to join their label.

Meanwhile, Jagger's 30-year-old son James stars as fictional punk singer Kip Stevens.

But his famous dad insisted he left James to "his own devices" rather than tell him how to be a rock star.

Jagger told theIndependent's Radar magazine: "I didn't really tell him anything about how to perform the part. I encouraged him, made sure he was feeling comfortable about it, talked a bit about the era, the attitudes and so on, but otherwise I kind of left him to his own devices. It's his invention, not mine."

- Bang! Showbiz