It has been a fascinating week for Newstalk ZB's Kerre McIvor. After 33 years in the media ­­- including 18 at Newstalk - she has moved from her famous night-time show and been joined by a co-host on the afternoon slot, making afternoon talkback as interesting for the callers as for the banter between hosts.

McIvor's sidekick is the handsome Mark Dye, a man she tells Spy could be her son, but when we catch up with them, they're definitely on the same level.

Dye left ZM four years ago on a journey around the world as an entrepreneur of sorts. He lists India, Columbia and Mexico as his favourite countries, but his heart was always in London.

Knowing he would always return to radio here, Dye, who once dated Kim Crossman, has kept an eye on New Zealand news and politics and filled in on a variety of shows for ZB during summer holidays home.


McIvor, who admits to being a control freak, tells Spy she has bonded with Dye and now that the first week is under their belts, knows the duo will work out well.

Dye is in awe of McIvor's achievements, recalling being a contestant at 11 on Ready Steady Cook when McIvor was host, giving him his first taste of being in the media.

He has spent many nights listening to McIvor. He says she helped him fall asleep and he is amazed by what he has learned from her.

McIvor is already looking out for her new radio partner, who arrived home for Christmas and is looking for an apartment in central Auckland. She has already offered a room at the house she shares with her Irishman in Grey Lynn.

So is the Irishman enjoying having her home at night? "Christ, no, he is encouraging me to take on evening hobbies, like cooking lessons."

She relishes having a young-pup sidekick, and loves the idea of "cycles" in the media.

Speaking of cycles, it's a warm welcome back to nights on ZB for Marcus Lush who, we hear, has fans from 18 years ago doing somersaults at his being back in the evening slot. Lush is as much a veteran as McIvor, but with a young family, is at a different place in life than when he last held the seat.

He charmed the NZME newsroom when he arrived for his PR shoot in shorts and a T-shirt. We hear the marketing department went straight out to buy him more formal attire.