Sometimes celebrities should stick to what they know. Here are five stars who tried to branch out, with dismal results.

1. Mariah Carey's Christmas meltdown

Why oh why did someone let this happen? It was bad enough seeing Mariah Carey star in another movie, let alone be given free rein to direct one. Even the trailer for her Hallmark TV film A Christmas Melody, starring Mean Girls actress Lacey Chabert, was painful to watch, and that's putting it nicely.

I don't know what's worse - her terrible portrayal of a rich housewife, or the sugar-coated storyline. Rumour has it she will step behind the camera again to direct and executive produce three movies for America's Lifetime network. Please, no. Just, no.

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2. Put down the mic, Paris Hilton

She's done perfume, has her own line of shoes, handbags, accessories, appeared in some terrible reality TV ... and then there was that sex tape scandal. But Paris Hilton went a step too far when she released an album. Not one but two. Lord knows who's buying this rubbish, but there's more coming. The socialite posted a taste of things to come on her Instagram this week, debuting a short soundbite and the song's name: Crazy for You


Crazy for you... ✨❤️💛💚💙💜✨

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3. Shaquille O'Neal drops the ball

The man is a basketball legend, I mean really great, and for that very reason a lot of people let it slide. But it has to be said: he's a terrible actor. Like, the worst. Shaquille O'Neal's performances as a genie in Kazaam, and Steel in a film of the same name, were nothing short of cringe-worthy. Then there were all the questionable Shaq cameos, from Freddy Got Fingered to Scary Movie 4.

4. Donald Trump shoots for the moon

Donald Trump should really stick to what he knows - that is, being a mogul and a reality TV villain. When it comes to his presidential campaign I'd just like someone to yell "you're fired" and be done with it. How can America take a man with that hair seriously? And that's not even touching on the utter dribble that comes out of his mouth. Furthermore, he appears to hate, well, almost everything: women, journalists, his fans. He's insulted them all in one way or another.

5. Kim 'Oonst Oonst' Dotcom

Let's be honest, Kim Dotcom and dance music was a bad pairing to start with. The German internet tycoon recorded Good Times in his Coatesville mansion with no street cred and even less talent. We'd sooner forget the whole debacle ever happened.
Except for the fact someone let him on the stage at Rhythm & Vines, and now there's video evidence that will last a lot longer than his music 'career'.