Radio host Jason Gunn feared he may not walk again after he "came a cropper" with a wheelie bin, fracturing two vertebrae in his back.

This was no crazy stunt, the More FM host and beloved TV personality simply jumped into a wheelie bin to compact the rubbish outside his home on Tuesday.

He described the incident as "just another recycling day that turned disaster," when he tried to get out of the bin and fell backwards, landing on his behind.

"To be honest with you, straight afterwards I did wonder if I would ever walk again, I have never felt pain like that," Gunn told Newstalk ZB.


"To all you pregnant women out there, please, you still win, I can't beat that...

"It was so damn sore, I don't know what they carry in that ambulance but I got a bit of everything and good lord, I remember none of it."

Hope your Wednesday goes better than my Tuesday! Let's be careful out there and THANK YOU for your kind words of support. Jase x

Posted by Jason Gunn on Tuesday, January 12, 2016


In a video, posted to social media, he asks others if they have had similar issues with wheelie bins.

"I want you to be honest have you ever stood on the top of the rubbish in the wheelie bin, just trying to squash that last little bit of rubbish in?

"I did that this morning, started out well getting into it not a problem. The dismount was just shocking, I actually fell out badly, landed on my...well, I think a** is the word."

Gunn was hospitalised in Invercargill before being transferred to Queenstown, which meant he had to catch a two-hour taxi back home.

He was also given a back brace, which he joked would be a great Halloween costume.

"I'm wearing this incredible brace now which is sort of a mixture of Terminator and Robocop, I think I'm going to keep it on even when I'm better that's how bigger and stronger I feel."

Doctors told him the fractures would take six to 12 months to heal fully.

"It's going to be I would suggest a wee while."

Taking a silver lining from the unfortunate fall, Gunn said the injury had really put life into perspective and made him realise just how lucky he was to have an otherwise clean bill of health.

Skipping chores was another benefit, he added.

"There's now a few things that I just can't do around the house ... because I don't want to do them. but as long as I have got this brace on it's the get out of jail, get out of washing, get out of gardening."

Wheelie bins are death traps!!!

Posted by Jason Gunn on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Making light of the situation he posted on the official Lana and Jase on More FM Facebook page describing the incident as a "fight" with a wheelie bin.

Been in 2 ambulances today. A fight with a wheelie bin!! Can't wait to explain what happened on Monday!!

Posted by Lana & Jase on More FM on Monday, January 11, 2016