Kim Kardashian West is advising Caitlyn Jenner.

The 66-year-old former Olympian - who was known as Bruce Jenner before she underwent a gender transition - has revealed her step-daughter Kim Kardashian West is teaching her how to "rock it" every day.'

She told The Advocate magazine: "Kimberly says, 'If you do go out, you've got to rock it baby!' You cannot let [the paparazzi] get that picture.

"They'll take a picture of you with no makeup on, lousy outfit - and they'll use it forever. You'll never get rid of it.


"Kim's very good at that stuff. It does take a little bit more work if you do go out. You've got to at least look good, at least the best you can.

"But there's more to life and womanhood than just that. And those are things I'm learning; I'm trying to read up on it. I'm trying to understand it because it's all new to me."

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Meanwhile, the I Am Cait star previously revealed she has "learned so much" in the past year.

She shared: "To me the movie was so educational. Honestly, I learned so much...over the last nine months that I've been out I've learned so much about this community. And I was totally isolated.

"I obviously couldn't out myself for so many years ... but this is a process of education."

-Bang! Showbiz