TV3 co-hosts David Farrier and Samantha Hayes were both conspicuous by their absence from last night's episode of Newsworthy, the network's late night news show.

Earlier in the day, Hayes had learned her other series, 3D, was to be axed, with her best friend Farrier lamenting the show's loss on Twitter.

He was even gloomier on Facebook, saying: "When I wanted story-telling advice over the last 10 years, I'd often wander into the offices of 60 Minutes or 3rd Degree or 3D and encounter an entire team of seasoned producers, journalists, cameramen and editors, who would advise me."

He went on to add: "Not sure where I am meant to wander now."


It is unknown if Farrier and Hayes were absent from last night's Newsworthy in order to commiserate with 3D staff members.

Mediaworks said Farrier and Hayes would also be absent for tonight's episode.

"David Farrier is on leave - he is a massive Stephen Fry fan and is going to Stephen Fry Telling Tales tonight," a spokeswoman said. Hayes is also "on pre-arranged leave".

The pair were replaced by Lachlan Forsyth and Sacha McNeil last night, who seemed upbeat about stepping in.

Farrier and Hayes have co-hosted Newsworthy together since its debut in June.