Are congratulations in order for Shortland Street hunk Ben Mitchell and the mother of his two daughters, Kate Leigh?

Spy understands Mitchell, who is on a short break from filming Shorty, popped the question this week while on holiday with his family during the school break.

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Newbie All Black makes beautiful twosome

Sources close to the couple told Spy: "The couple are over the moon taking the next step in their relationship."


The two make a beautiful couple.

Spy understands Leigh posted to her Facebook page this week her excitement
at the thought of becoming a Mrs.

When Mitchell's representatives were contacted for comment from the Kiwi sex symbol, Mitchell's reply was that it was all a joke.

A magazine deal? Has Spy has jumped the gun? We can't be certain.

Mitchell caused a slight controversy a year ago with an answer he gave to the Herald's 12 Questions about his on-screen character TK Samuels' romantic life and what his real love life was like in comparison.

Q: TK has had a brilliant, turbulent and very active love-life. Is yours as active?
A: "Art imitating life you reckon? That's an understatement for my love life and life in general. In all my 36 years there have been connections with women.

"But only two women have had the privilege of meeting my mother. And there's been a lot [of others]. Every man is looking for the good woman behind the successful man, aren't they?

"Yeah, I'll marry one day. I look for loyalty, a woman who makes me feel powerful, doesn't take my shit too seriously and empowers me physically, spiritually and emotionally. It's not that hard. Ha!"